#Found: Tore Christian Erichson Five

Tore Christian Erichson Five was born in Asker in Norway on August 20, 1920. He completed elementary, intermediate, and high school and trained as an engineer at a polytechnic university. Five was arrested in Falstad on February 7, 1944. The documents give no indication of the reasons for his arrest. In Norway, as elsewhere, the German occupiers systematically imprisoned and deported their political opponents, among them many students. The SS initially detained him in the Grini concentration camp in Norway. In July 1944 they transferred him first to the Natzweiler and later to the Dachau and Neuengamme concentration camps. According to a document from Natzweiler, Tore Five’s parents were dead. He never returned home. 2020 fand die Journalistin Gøril Grov Sørdal die Nichten und Neffen von Tore Five und übergab ihnen seine Erinnerungsstücke.

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