#Found: Robert Genenger

We are looking for relatives of Robert Genenger, born on January 1, 1887, in Krefeld. His parents were named Friedrich and Emilie. Police detectives in Berlin arrested the roofer on April 19, 1941, for supposedly “refusing to work.” After being imprisoned for five months in Spandau in Berlin, he was detained in “protective custody” from September 1941 – without trial and indefinitely. The SS deported him on November 18, 1941, to Buchenwald concentration camp, where he was categorized as a “career criminal” and assigned to a penal company. In March 1942, the Nazis transported Genenger first to Ravensbrück concentration camp and then to Sachsenhausen. In mid-November 1942 he was transferred to Dachau, where he was assigned prisoner number 39743. Robert Genenger survived years of inhumane imprisonment and told the Allies at the end of May 1945 that he wanted to live in Berlin again.

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