Pawlo Jakuba

We are looking for relatives of Pawlo Petrowitsch Jakuba, who was born in Mlyny in the district of Hadjasch, present-day Ukraine on October 6, 1905 or 1915. In 1942 he worked as a farmhand; his last place of residence in occupied Ukraine was Lochwyzja. Under circumstances no longer known today, he later performed forced labor for the farmer Leonhard Behling in the village of Mohrow in what is now Poland. In November 1944, labeled an “Eastern worker,” he was forced—under threat of punishment—to perform labor for the Kolberg/Belgard district farming community. His further fate is unknown. The Arolsen Archives has in its holdings a razor once belonging to Jakuba as well as diary entries he made in 1943. There he noted December 25, 1941 as the date of birth of his son Wasja. He also recorded the name “Marija Jakuba.”

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