Nikolai Berezyn

We are looking for the family Nikolai Berezyn, born in Gromovka in present-day Ukraine on June 25, 1920 or 1925. The Arolsen Archives documents show different spellings of his name, among others Berezin and Berosin. His mother is known to have been called Raisja. The Nazis assigned the young Nikolai to forced labor in agriculture. In April 1943, he was arrested for “roaming about,” initially detained in the Hagen police prison, and shortly thereafter in the police prison in Dortmund. At the time of his committal to the Buchenwald concentration camp, his only possessions were a work uniform, some clothing, a wallet, a cap, and a pocket watch. The SS transferred him to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on April 30, 1943, and later to the Neuengamme concentration camp. After that, all trace of him is lost.

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