#Found: Kazimierz Zot

Kazimierz Zot was born on December 24, 1921, in Stupnica Polska in the district of Sambor. According to the local administration, which was under German occupation, Zot “voluntarily went to Germany to work” in November 1941. Until October 1944, he had to work for the “Kohlen-Union B. Schönbucher” in Saarbrücken, where he lived in a camp for forced laborers. The so-called Polish decrees had gone into effect in March 1940 with the aim of strictly isolating Polish forced laborers, who were identified by the letter “P” on their clothing. In October 1944, Kazimierz Zot was transferred to the “Hansa Konservenfabrik Koch & Mann” in Grünstadt – where he also lived in a forced labor camp. According to the files of the police responsible for foreigners, he hung himself on February 19, 1945, supposedly because he was “lovesick.” He was buried in the cemetery in Grünstadt. In 2022 we found Kaziemierz Zot's family and were able to return his personal belongings.

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