#Found: Jozef Brabec

We are looking for relatives of Josef Brabec, born on April 17, 1919, in Třebenice/Trebnitz in what is now the Czech Republic. He was an unmarried baker. In September 1942, he was arrested by the city police in Reichenberg/Liberec in occupied Czech territory. On December 24, 1942, the Nazis deported him to Buchenwald concentration camp, where he was assigned prisoner number 4648. Records show that he was imprisoned for talking with Ukrainian laborers. In March 1943 he was transferred to Dachau. In 1944, the Nazis sent Josef Brabec’s father, Frantisek, a wristwatch, signet ring and banknote they had confiscated from his son. It is not clear why these few personal effects were sent to the family or whether Josef Brabec survived his imprisonment.

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