Johan Pisek

We are looking for relatives of Johan Pisek. The carpenter was born in Kostanjevica, in what is now Slovenia, on July 15, 1911. His father Anton died in 1936, his mother Maria (née Mlakar) in 1940. Johan Pisek had a Yugoslavian passport. After the German Wehrmacht invaded Yugoslavia in the spring of 1941 and occupied the country, he was accepted into the Carinthian People’s Union. This organization used racist indoctrination and political control to bring about the “Germanization” of the part of the population that was classified as being “capable of Germanization.” In October 1944, Johann Pisek was arrested by the municipal police in Klagenfurt for reasons unknown and soon thereafter deported to the Dachau concentration camp. In early December 1944 he was transferred to Buchenwald. It is not known whether he survived detention and forced labor.

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