#Found: Franciszek Czaplicki

Franciszek Czaplicki was born on December 8, 1907 in Krajewo-Darmopichy, Poland. On some of the surviving documents, his name is spelled Franz Gzaplicki. He was a farmer who last lived in Ząbki near Warsaw. The Security Police (Sipo) arrested him on August 31, 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising and deported him to the Stutthof concentration camp near Gdańsk. The Sipo was the organization of the German occupiers responsible for implementing the National Socialist persecution and extermination policies. In early September 1944, the Nazis transported Czaplicki to the Neuengamme concentration camp in Hamburg, where he was assigned the inmate number 46507 and put to work performing heavy forced labor. He died in the Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel subcamp on November 12, 1944. In 2021, Franciszek's great-nephew contacted the Arolsen Archives in search of information about his missing great-uncle. In addition to information about his burial place, we were also able to give him Franciszek's pocket watch.

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