Erich Adolf Alex

We are looking for relatives of Erich Adolf Alex. The cook was born in Brokstedt on June 7, 1903 or 1909; the year of birth is unclear in the documents. According to an Allied questionnaire completed after the war, the Gestapo arrested Alex in 1937 for “preparations for high treason.” He was then imprisoned in the Buchenwald concentration camp for about five years, and later in the concentration camps in Natzweiler—where he performed forced labor—and Dachau. A “post control card” of 1943 shows that Alex was in contact with his wife by mail. The designation “ASO” on the card means that he was on record as an “asocial.” The Nazis used this term to label homeless persons, petty criminals, alcoholics, and persons without steady jobs. After his liberation, Alex testified that he had been subjected to torture during his imprisonment.

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