Claude Taufer

We are looking for relatives of Claude Taufer, born on May 1, 1911, in Wolfurt, Austria. He was an Italian citizen and was registered as a civilian worker in Munich. He worked for various companies in 1941 and 1942, including a building contractor. Taufer was arrested shortly after Italy changed sides and declared war on Germany in the autumn of 1943. It is unclear exactly why he came to the attention of the Gestapo. On November 13, 1943, the National Socialists sent him to the Dachau concentration camp. Claude Taufer survived the concentration camp and was liberated by the U.S. Army in Rosenheim. However, his personal belongings were never returned to him. The Arolsen Archives still have his passport, a medical certificate, and a lot of photos. These things give some insight into the life he led before he was arrested.

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