Antonia Gladilina

We are looking for the family of Antonina Gladilina. She was born a Catholic in Russia on June 13, 1926 or 1927. The spelling "Gladilira" is also found in the documents. On May 10, 1944—she was still a school pupil—the Secret State Police (Gestapo) deported her to the Ravensbrück concentration camp. Classified as a political prisoner, she there received the inmate number 38118 and performed forced labor in a nearby factory. In early June 1944 she was transferred to the Neuengamme concentration camp and forced her to work in the subcamp Hamburg-Wandsbek for the Nazi regime. Among Gladilina’s possessions were a necklace with a Christian cross and a pair of earrings. All that is known about her further fate is that, after her liberation by the Allies, she lived on the Wulfsdorf estate in the community of Ahrensburg near Hamburg for about six weeks.

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