Good news: A second exhibition container is coming in 2021

Enormous interest in the #StolenMemory traveling exhibition

Many local authorities and towns have been in touch with us to inquire about hosting the traveling exhibition, so we have decided to order a second exhibition container in response to the high demand. Work on converting the standard shipping container into a bright blue exhibition space with doors that fold out is already in full swing.

The route and the interior of the second container will be a little different

When it sets off on its way in 2021, the second exhibition container will also be visiting large towns and communities with more than 20,000 inhabitants. Some exciting locations are already in the pipeline. In the second half of the year, we plan to show the exhibition container in Poland, so the new container will include Polish translations and feature a convertible interior. A large number of the personal effects that are stored at the Arolsen Archives are the property of people who were deported from Poland to German concentration camps by the National Socialists.

We are currently busy planning the routes of our twin containers and are looking forward to continuing our exhibition tours in 2021 with a double dose of #StolenMemory!

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